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The basis of Pomo Timer lies technique Pomodoro Technique developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. You can read more about the technique on the Wikipedia page. All basic features are available in the basic free version of the application.

Pomodoro Timer and Day Progress

The main application window displays the tomato pomodoro and daily progress. The timer can be started, paused or stopped depending on the settings. When the pomodoro timer is over, the rest timer starts automatically, which is also displayed in the main window. 

The current progress of the timers can also be observed on the application icon in the status bar. It will change depending on what timer is now running and what his progress.

Pomodoro timer progress view

Pomodoro Timer

To start the pomodoro timer just open the window by clicking on the icon in the status bar and press the start button.

The window will automatically close and the status bar icon will start displaying the progress.

You can view the current progress at any time by opening the window.

Rest timer progress view

Rest Timer

The rest timer starts automatically immediately after the end of the next tomato. You don't need to turn it on yourself.

The timer will be set for 5 minutes after the next pomodoro and 25 minutes after each 4th.

Day progress chart

Daily Progress

In the app window you can also see your progress for the day.

The tomatoes that you have finished today are displayed as colored. Gray displays those that are planned. Dark gray-those that were failed.

Flexible timers settings

In the basic version, the technique offers to set the pomodoro timer for 25 minutes, a short rest for 5 minutes after each ponodoro and a long rest for 25 minutes after each 4th pomodo. Those who do not fit such time intervals, can at any time change them in the application settings on the General tab.

Timers settings window

The settings window can be opened by clicking on the gear button at the top left of the main window.


The pomo timer has several ways to notify the end of the pomodoro timer and rest. All these alerts are optional and you can turn them on or off at any time in the app preferences.

macOS notifications

System Notifications

Standard system notifications come immediately at the end of the pomodoro and rest. The notification contains information about your daily progress.

In the notification of the end of the rest there is a start button with which you can start the next pomodoro without opening the application window.

Alert widget window

Alert Widget

The alert widget is displayed at the end of the pomodo and rest.

It is convenient in those cases if during the rest you move away from the computer to return not to forget to start the next pomodoro.

Sound icon


The last second of the pomodoro and rest timer accompanied by a sound signal informing of timer completion.

This is useful when you are focused on work and do not pay attention to the progress of the timer on the icon in the status bar.

Minor Features

The pomo timer has several ways to notify the end of the pomodoro timer and rest. All these alerts are optional and you can turn them on or off at any time in the app preferences.

Pomodoro timer fail/rest button

Pomodoro Pause/Fail

If you started a pomodoro, then you have the opportunity to either put it on pause if you are distracted, or fail it.

The pause/stop button appears in place of the start button immediately after pomodoro start in the main application window.

Planned pomodoros chart

Planned Pomodoros

Pomodoros that you plan to complete can be specified either explicitly in the amount that you plan, or the application can automatically calculate the average number of completed pomodoros in a few days.

Lauch at login settings

Launch At Login

The application can run automatically whenever you boot the computer under your profile.

To do this, you must enable the appropriate option in the application preferences on the App tab.

Pomodoro pause/fail settings

You can change the mode in the app preferences at any time.

Planned pomodoros settings

This can be changed at any time in the application preferences on the General tab.

Light and dark macOS themes are supported

Pomo Timer light macOS theme

The app supports light and dark OS themes by neatly applying colors to each UI element.

You do not need to change something in the application settings, just switch to your Mac on the topic that you like more and the entire Pomo Timer interface will automatically be repainted.

Pomo Timer dark macOS theme

Pro Features

These features are only available in the Pro version of the app. Pro version can be purchased in the application in the preferences window on the App tab

Historical Charts

Historical data is displayed directly in the main application window. To switch the display mode just click on the current date and select the mode from the drop-down list. You can move freely through the history back and forth by clicking on the arrows to the right and left of the current date/month or year.

Daily chart view

Daily Chart

The daily chart shows completed, planned and failed pomodoros for the day. In the Pro version you can view the days that have been finished in the past.

Monthly chart view

Monthly Chart

The monthly chart shows the number of completed pomodoros for each day. The gray bar indicates the planned pomodoros.

Annual chart view

Annual Chart

The annual chart also shows the completed tomatoes but for each month.

Application style preferences

All settings for customization of the interface is collected on the tab style in preferences of the application.

Style settings

For the basic version, these settings are also available and you can change them freely. But when you close the settings window the application will return to the basic style.

Interface customization

Status bar icon

Status Bar Icon

You can configure status bar icon. There are three options:

  • mono status bar icon

    Mono - monochrome icon.

  • grayscale status bar icon

    Grayscale - translucent icon.

  • color status bar icon

    Color - color icon.

pomodoro icon

Pomodoro Icon

Pomodoro icon can also be customized. The following options are available:

  • classic pomodoro icon

    Classic pomodoro.

  • minimalistic pomodoro icon

    Minimalistic pomodoro.

  • custom picture pomodoro icon

    Custom picture. As a pomodoro, you can add any picture.

Color theme

Color Theme

Also available are several color themes that can be painted tomatoes and other interface elements.

  • Basic color theme


  • Fuchsia color theme


  • Lemon color theme


  • Aqua color theme


  • Jade color theme


  • Mono color theme